Wacker Chemical Corporation Hosts 2017 University Day

Provided by Wacker Chemical Company

John Dulmes

June 27, 2017

When one hears the term, “Chemical Corporation,” a mad scientist or super-villain might come to mind. For Wacker Chemical Corporation, however, that is definitively not the case. Wacker, pronounced “Vock-er,” is a German Chemical Corporation that has facilities all over the world. The company helps manufacture over 3,000 different products for companies worldwide and produces 600+ of their own at the Adrian, Michigan site.

Wacker hosted a successful University Day on Friday, June 16 at its North American headquarters in Adrian, Michigan. University Day is an open information exchange and site tour. Throughout the day, Wacker was visited by university and high school AP chemistry teachers, professors, and career counselors. There was a total of twelve colleges throughout Michigan that participated in this year’s event.

University Day was developed in hopes of improving the image and overall awareness of the company amongst colleges, universities, and the community. The interactive session consisted of technology information, networking, and a personal tour of the Wacker plant and lab.

The tour provided the opportunity to ask questions and meet the scientists and staff who are behind Wacker’s innovative products. It also provided a hands-on learning experience for people to gain insight on site safety, silicone technologies, and some of the science behind Wacker products.


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