The Dow Chemical Company

Dow combines the power of science and technology to passionately innovate what is essential to human progress. The Company is driving innovations that extract value from material, polymer, chemical and biological science to help address many of the world’s most challenging problems, such as the need for fresh food, safer and more sustainable transportation, clean water, energy efficiency, more durable infrastructure, and increasing agricultural productivity. Dow’s integrated, market-driven portfolio delivers a broad range of technology-based products and solutions in high-growth sectors such as packaging, infrastructure, transportation, consumer care, electronics, and agriculture.

Corporate Center

Dow’s Corporate Center serves as the global headquarters for the 189 sites and 56,000 employees worldwide. The campus sits on 150 acres and has nearly one million square feet of building space. The Corporate Center is home to many Dow businesses and functions, as well as the Office of the Chief Executive.

Dow Corning Center

The Dow Corning Center is situated on 275 acres of land near Auburn, Michigan. This campus houses administrative offices, as well as the premier R&D center. In addition to the 750,000 square feet of offices and laboratories, the campus also boasts a half-mile outdoor walking trail. Other amenities on site include fitness facilities, an employee cafeteria, and a combination of solar arrays that generates 50 kWh of electricity – enough to power about 10 average homes on a daily basis.

Michigan Operations

Dow’s first manufacturing location, Michigan Operations was established in 1897 and focuses on specialty manufacturing and R&D. MiOps has a world-class environmental management facility, including a fully licensed wastewater treatment plant and incinerator. Products researched, developed and/or manufactured at MiOps include:

  • Automotive/Transportation

    Adhesives for bonding that make cars more light weight for increased fuel efficiency and coatings for airbags for enhanced safety features.

  • Pharmaceutical

    Multi-particulate technology for the pharmaceutical industry that extend the release time of active ingredients.

  • Electronics

    Material solutions that enable faster, smaller, and newer designs for electronic devices.

  • Agriculture

    Herbicides and insecticides that protect crops like wheat, barley, rice, corn, cotton, and peanuts.

  • Beauty

    Trend-driven beauty, hair, and personal care ingredients that deliver solutions to help meet the needs of today’s consumers.

  • Coatings

    Performance enhancing materials that deliver the properties customers want, such as better paint coverage, noise reduction, and improved durability.

  • Packaging

    A variety of polymers used to create food and liquid packaging materials for improved shelf life, and a better end-use experience for the customer.

  • Medical

    Proven and trusted healthcare materials for medical devices, drug delivery, and pharmaceutical tubing.

East End

The East End facility in downtown Midland provides Dow’s world-class employees with a premier work environment. Packed with innovation-centric features and the latest in technology, it accentuates Dow’s focus on the future and has the flexibility to accommodate future growth.

Larkin Center

Dow’s Larkin Center is home to business, sales and research functions for Dow Building Solutions along with various other Dow businesses.

Bay City Uptown

Dow’s 100,000 square-foot, five-floor corporate office building in Bay City is designed to create easier collaboration and additional efficiencies for employees. The new Uptown waterfront development is about 15 miles from Midland and is a dynamic, walkable, and vibrant planned neighborhood featuring diverse restaurants, unique retail shops, and businesses.

Harbor Beach

Dow’s Harbor Beach site manufactures active ingredients for several Dow AgroSciences insecticides. The site opened in 1995 and has been thriving ever since. Harbor Beach recently announced a multi-million dollar expansion to meet product demand.

Auburn Hills

Dow Automotive Systems is a leading supplier of plastics, adhesives, sealants, vehicle structure enhancements, acoustical management materials, films and fluids for the global automotive industry, serving tier, OEM and aftermarket customers. Its world headquarters are located in Auburn Hills, Michigan, along with R&D labs and advanced engineering. Dow Automotive employs about 200 people at its Auburn Hills location.


The Hillsdale site of Dow Automotive Systems has produced quality automotive components for more than 30 years.


Dow’s State Street Center opened in January 2008 and has approximately 175 offices for Dow employees and third-party suppliers. The team members represent several functions, including Finance, Purchasing, Manufacturing and Information Systems, among others, who are working on next-generation Dow computer systems, joint ventures and other value added-projects. The 30,000 square foot State Street Center is located inside Horizons Conference Center in Saginaw Township.

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